Projects and Research Experience

Current Projects:


In this project, we present E-Witness, a system that uses Blockchain technology to prove the integrity and spatio-temporal properties of digital evidence captured through a smart-phone. The system consists of a smart-phone application that computes robust hash of pictures or videos taken from the phone camera, a location attestation service and a public Blockchain
which contains ledger entries to preserve the evidence file’s hash and location certificate. The human witness can remain anonymous in this process. An investigator who receives the
evidence (by any means) can verify the integrity and spatio-temporal claims of the evidence by querying the Blockchain.


Acknowledgements: This work is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1742919 and PSC-CUNY Grant No. 60814-00 48

Location authentication & attestation

Developed and implemented location authentication and attestation service for smart devices using LTE Positioning Protocol. The service is implemented and tested as an Android application to provide location certificate to a smart device.

Previous Projects:

                          IoT Security and Route Optimization                    

  • Adversarial Modeling for Spectrum Aware IoT Communications: Designed a utility based selfish adversarial model mimicking collaborative SSDF attack in a cooperative spectrum sensing scenario where IoT networks use dedicated environmental sensing capability (ESC) for spectrum availability estimation. We designed the model using a leader-follower game and investigated the existence of equilibrium.
  • Spectrum aware energy efficient routing for device-to-device IoT communication: Designed an evolutionary game theoretic route discovery model for device-to-device (D2D) based Internet of Things (IoT) communication. Our routing scheme ensures licensed incumbent protection, energy preservation, performance optimization, and fairness.